Kumu Kahne's Pretty Hula Dancers is an event group that will go above and beyond your expectations. They provide authentic Hawaiian dances and are flexible to meet your needs. 

About Us

Call us today! (760) 630-8369

Call us today! (760) 630-8369

Kumu Kahne

**All dancers are NOT pictured above**

Call us today! (760) 630-8369

Kumu's Pretty Hula Dancers 

She's an incredibly talented international performer, entertainer, dancer, and singer. Kumu was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and has over 35 years of experience. She has performed in Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Guam, Mainland China, and California.

If you're interested in becoming one of these Pretty Hula Dancers, contact Kumu Kahne at (760) 630 - 8369.